Wal-Mart Stores have started selling ScrunchMiez. Scrunch Miez Updated 4/19/2021

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March 22, 2021
By: ToyDirectory Staff


Walmart Ad:

Where can I buy ScrunchMiez?

March 29th: Wal-Mart Stores have started selling ScrunchMiez. [Walmart Customer: My 10-year-old daughter loved receiving the ScrunchMiez to try out! Her first reaction? “It's adorable time a million!” She likes that she can attach it to her backpack, wear it on her wrist, and easily tighten it as a hair scrunchie! It's already on her list to buy a few as birthday presents for friends!]

April 19th: Most Wal-Mart Stores sold out of ScrunchMiez but some are restocking within days.

Can I buy ScruchMiez on Amazon? 

April 19th: Amazon sellers have not been able to sell ScrunchMiez yet.

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Scrunch Miez at Walmart?

Walmart has started selling ScrunchMiez at Walmart stores.

Scrunch miez where to buy?


Animal scrunchies:

Are a  fun and innovative new twist on the  fashion accessory the “scrunchie”. ScruchMiez branded scrunchies feature new plush character heads on the classic design (for wearing in your hair or on your wrist just like traditional scrunchies) but they also TRANSFORM (with a simple pull of semi-hidden drawstring) into an endearing collectible plush that you can play with or use as backpack clips!

Scrunchies with animals on them:

They are officially called ScruchMiez but they are also known as: Scrunchmies or Scrunch miez

Scrunch miez at walmart:

They will be available on Walmart within 3 weeks.

Scrunchmies or Scrunch miez:

Better call them by the correct name: ScrunchMiez

Do You Want to Watch Popular ScrunchMiez Videos?

Mar 20, 2021 - Using a Magic Remote to Prank my Family with ScrunchMiez!Payton and Paxton use a magic remote to prank their family with new #ScrunchMiez​!

SCRUNCHMIEZ are the all-new wearable fashion accessory that transforms from cute scrunchie to adorable collectible friend! So many to choose from including unicorns, kittens, puppies and more!

Mar 19, 2021 - FLIRTING With My FRIENDS For 24 Hours **Cute Reaction**🥰| Claire Rocksmith, ft. ScrunchMiez. Today I’m flirting with my friends for 24 hours to see how they react. That’s right everyone, I pulled an epic prank on all the boys in the squad today, even Piper’s boyfriend. Basically I did everything I could to compliment the boys and make them as uncomfortable as possible.

Mar 17, 2021 - Moose Toys sent us a box of Scrunch Miez scrunchy toys for FREE!!! In today's review we unbox 2 Scrunch Miez, a new product from Moose Toys. ScrunchMiez! They're scrunchies! They're stuffies! You can wear them on your wrists, hair or backpack! Coming to toy shelves near you.

Mar 22, 2021 - Scrunch Miez Collectible Animal Plush Hair Scrunchies & Clips by Moose Toys Unboxing & Review

ScrunchMiez TV Commercial, 'Collectible Transforming Scrunchies' ScrunchMiez are adorable creatures you can use to accessorize! Collect all 26 and wear them in your hair, on your wrist or clip them to your purse.

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