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The company has a very few, carefully selected toys and games that they sell. They select them on the basis of whether they consider them the sort of toy or game they would want THEIR children and grandchildren to play with and, also whether they have any sort of heirloom quality and, at the same time, be educational, enjoyable, and mind-stretching. Virtually everything also is suitable for adults.

All products are lead and phthalate free.

The range of award-winning Mic-O-Mic construction toys are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany using best quality plastics and conform to the most rigid European safety and durability standards - are virtually unbreakable under normal use and play. The weight and texture makes them almost feel as though they are made of wood.

They also sell LONPOS 101 and 303 brainteaser games for all ages (under 8 year olds will need help with the more difficult problems). These have over 360,000 possible problems to be solved. Each have won an abundance of awards, including Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Awards, Parents' Choice Gold Awards, NAPPA Gold Awards, several Dr. Toy Awards, Thetoymanonline Awards, Creative Child Magazine awards, etc., etc. Also evaluated for children with special needs by National Lekotek Center's AblePlay rating system, these games are great - see for more information by looking for LONPOS 101 Pyramid and Rectangle Game. Super-addictive, these keep players quiet for hours at a time as they try to build the rectangles and pyramids set out in the booklets using the 12 provided pentominoes. We designed our own packaging and manuals for these as we considered those being offered elsewhere were unattractive and misleading - the target audience for these is as much adult as children (an event planner bought several hundred of LONPOS 101 as goddie-bag gifts at a conference of rocket scientists, where the game was a great success).

Recently introduced was another LONPOS game - LONPOS 4D Pyramid game where over 20,000 2D and 3D pyramids may be built.

The company provides all retailers with bright posters showing the various awards won by their products which attract customers to look at what is on offer.

The website provides a lot more information!

MIC-O-MIC AMERICAS, INC. primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Family Games
General Toys
School Supplies

P.O. Box 22035 Savannah GA 31403
Tel: 912-238-0016
Fax: 912-232-2284
Toll Free: 877-642-6642

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