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The game Ministers™ Chess simply adds the hitherto absent symmetry to chess. Now the King is flanked by two queens called 'ministers', the historic name of what we nowadays call 'queen' in the game of chess (see Encyclopaedia Britanica under CHESS).

In the process it enlarges the battle field from 64 to 9x9=81 squares. The result is a more powerful game, with powerful armies, wherein each king is protected by a minister on each side; instead of the king's bishop-side weakness of conventional chess.

Since no theory of openings has yet been written for Ministers™ Chess, now even chess champions can play by pure instinct, rather than by having to memorize the theory of openings, as is presently the case. They also have a more fair chance playing against computers, since neither party has a theory of openings to rely on.

The Third Edition includes two gifts: an additional roll-up board and a cloth chess bag. The game has a highly educational value. It creates new interest in chess, and teaches the young that even today, 2000 years later, one should question old teachings and may, through a simple modification, come up with a spectacular result that would change the world

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